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The invention of Prof. Eng. Jerrel Isenia of the Super Power Hydraulic anti gravity electric steam engine.


One short history of comet Halley F energy (J) of (164 BC -2010 years)

Our new technology of the hydraulic anti gravity electric steam engine is based on these innovations.
It is one technology of gravity energy that has been in the world of science. In the year 164 B C (The Free energy) the comet, Plato was one that begin whit Aristotle in the year 428 -427 BC an alias. This Comet, with his energy, that has been continuation for years with entelechy. In1680 -1687 Edmond Halley has modify the idea and Isaac newcomon formulating of the free energy.

With the for mule of Isaac newton, and the hydraulic theory of Blaise Pascal in the year 1646, with the gravity machine invented of Eng. Jerrel Isenia has develop in the year 1974 – 1980, one super hydraulic anti gravidity Machine. Now we have the F energy ( J ) in functions in one super great machine on earth. In 1985-1991 Jerel Isenia has a great one hydraulic anti gravity eclectric steam machine, that has been modify during 2001- 2010 in one Super Power Hydraulic anti gravity electric steam engine. With these new technology you can use it in any object that want to move Cars, Bus, Boots, Aircraft, Electric generator, Pomp’s ect. It is a technology of energy of the XXI century, zero contamination free.